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Do I need experience to operate a Fit Kids America franchise?
No prior experience in this field is required; our comprehensive training program will teach you about the industry and our operational model.

What are your royalties?
Fit Kids America has a 10% royalty fee. We do not have an advertising royalty; we strongly believe your advertising efforts should be directed by you in your local market which we also help and guide you through.

What does it take to become a successful Fit Kids America franchisee?
The three elements that are most mentioned for a successful franchise relationship: a solid concept, a good territory/location and a solid operator. We have the first element, and were here to help you with the second. The most important is the Fit Kids America franchisee; you will make all the difference. A franchisee that is true in following our proven system, and is dedicated to excellence, consistency, constant positive relationship with his/her students and community will set a path for great success.

Can I keep my full time job and operate a Fit Kids America franchise?
Yes. Many of our franchisees along with the founders had full time jobs when starting out. Fit Kids America is a great way to supplement your current income in a relatively short period. Fit kids America is a home base business with very little overhead and has a low financial entry point. You will be able to decide if you want Fit Kids America to be supplemental or your main means of income.

Do you offer financing?
Yes. We have our own in house financing, please contact for more information.

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