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Are you looking for a part-time job doing something you love? Did you play team sports growing up? Or maybe you still do. Fit Kids America is always looking for energetic, responsible, and driven individuals to coach our various classes. You can work as few as two classes a week or work each day! All classes after school classes are run on school campus. We also offer camps over breaks and extra events depending on your area. Joining the Fit Kids team is great experience when working to be a teacher or a professional coach. A background check and CPR Certification will be required to coach. 


Reviews from Coaches:

“Fun work place with multiple chances to get to know other coworkers. My time at FitKids is ongoing. I was able to leave when my schedule has changed and they have always kept me in close communication just in case they needed a substitute coach. I enjoyed working for this company not only because I enjoy working for the kiddos but also because of the community they’ve built. They encourage you to get to know other coaches that work in the same schools as you and they are definitely open to suggestions on how to make the program better which I love.”
– Fit Kids Cheerleading Coach, INDEED, 7/28/2023

“Great management team and working with a purpose. Great owners, kind, and supportive. I was paid for days to get professional training and/or testing and made to feel a valued part of the company. I really enjoyed my coworkers and customers.”
– Fit Kids Site Manager, INDEED, 12/14/2021

“Good first coaching job. You travel to the same schools every week and teach kids a certain sport as after school activity. It’s busy but time goes fast! They try to place you at schools near your home. The kids are darling!”
– Fit Kids Tennis Coach, INDEED 6/22/2020

“Great work culture and professional independence! Great work culture with minimal micromanagement and the ability to autonomously grow professionally. The ability to contribute positively to the adolescent population allots for positive purpose within the job responsibilities.”
– Fit Kids Sports Coach, INDEED, 9/26/2019

“Perfect college student job I am a full time student so this small job for a few hours a week is easy and a perfect fit. They are very easy to communicate with over the Humanity app and also work with days you are available.”
– Fit Kids Sports Coach, INDEED, 3/20/2019

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